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Garage Door Torsion Spring .207 x 1-3/4 x 25′ LW


We offer a complete range of torsion springs to simplify the process of overhead garage door repairs. We have an extensive selection of in-stock torsion springs, including standard or high-cycle options that are precisely manufactured in various sizes and materials. Torsion springs are responsible for more than 95% of the lift needed to raise a garage door. However, due to continuous stress, they typically last for 10,000 cycles from the original door manufacturer.

To assist you further, we have an easy-to-use torsion spring selection tool that you can use to quickly find the right spring or accurately upgrade to a spring with higher cycles.


This left-wound torsion spring comes in a yellow finish with a 0.207 wire size and a 1 3/4 inch inside diameter, 25-inch length. Spring includes winding and anchor cones installed. *We recommend changing the cables when replacing the springs (See Garage Door Cables)

High Cycle Garage Door Torsion Spring (Click here to find out more)

When choosing a high-cycle torsion spring, the wire size and length will differ from your original specs, but these springs will perform better and last longer.

If you have any questions about our high-cycle garage door torsion spring or our other products, you may contact us during business hours.

Click here for information on how to measure torsion spring


Garage door torsion springs, cables, brackets, and other hardware attached to the springs are under very high tension and, if handled or installed improperly, can cause serious injury. For safety reasons, recommends that only a qualified professional install or adjust torsion springs by carefully and properly following the manufacturer’s instructions and also using the proper specialized tools required. disclaims any liability, including any obligation or liability under indemnification agreements with distributors or retailers, for death, personal injury, expense or property damage incurred by consumers who attempt to install or who install torsion springs, parts, etc., purchased from GarageDoorSolutions.Ca.

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